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Greetings to all members of the Youth Ophthalmological Scientific Society(MONO)!

If you are interested in ophthalmology, want to become a diagnostician, an ophthalmic surgeon or engage in therapeutic ophthalmopathology, then the Youth Scientific Society of Ophthalmologists is a great place to realize your aspirations. If you are confident in your knowledge and wish to acquire new ones, our society is waiting for you, and we hope it will be useful to you in obtaining the most valuable thing for any doctor - experience, knowledge and practical skills.

      An integral part of the work of the society is the research work of students and residents under the guidance of teachers, as well as they acquire the skills of diagnosis and treatment in non-standard clinical situations. We are sure that each of you can contribute to our common work and make our channel a real center of creative ideas and open communication. Let's start our inspiring and productive journey together!



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